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Medical programme

In Medical programme we offer:

  • outpatient HIV/AIDS care for children and adolescents, other medical treatment, laboratory tests, HIV treatment, tuberculosis and other infections treatment, regular medical check-ups (we have 400 patients as of 31.12.2017)
  • family care for our patients and their family members; screening of HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other tropic infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections
  • psychological counselling for children individually, group counselling also for family members health education, health talks about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases – at schools and in communities
  • HIV testing of general public during outreaches (approximately 300 HIV tests per month)
    mobile clinics – HIV treatment deliveries to patients from distant and hard-to-get-at areas
  • home visits and palliative care for immobile patients once-weekly Children’s program – creative workshops, learning as playing

once-weekly Youth corner – interactive health talks & games

Why HIV positive children?

  • they are innocent victims, infected from their mother during pregnancy or during birth
  • without HIV treatment and special care the majority dies before they reach 5 years of age
  • they are discriminated in the family & community
  • there is lack of specialized children’s care in Uganda (adherence is very important as well as correct dosage based on the body weight to avoid drug resistance, and it is important to take the drugs with food as it is absorbed via intestines)