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  • Health Initiatives Association (HIA) is young organization with clear vision, mission and goals.
    We operate in Central Uganda, in Buikwe district - running there a Children’s HIV/AIDS clinic; and also in Slovakia where we provide counselling in infectious disease area, HIV and palliative care. The aim of civic association HIA is to help abandoned children, orphans, people suffering from HIV/AIDS infection and famine relief in Uganda. One-time/non-recurring help in the Equatorial Africa states is ineffective and non-counselling therefore HIA is focused on long-lasting programs and continually developing skills of the targeted group which can improve the quality of life.

  • The mission of HIA in Uganda is to contribute and assist current efforts in the country, which seek a better quality of life, self-confidence and hope in a better future for HIV-positive children, youth and other vulnerable and marginalized groups in the country.
    The heart and the head of HIA activities in Uganda is The John Paul II. Children’s HIV / AIDS clinic in Buikwe Trading Centre. It is well known as a specialized clinic for comprehensive care and treatment of HIV-positive children and their families. An important fact is that this care is provided completely free of charge. Social program, Community program, Children prevention, Youth club activities and income-generating activities complement this comprehensive work.

  • Slovakian HIA is a mediator in Social program - financial support for students as all school levels in Uganda either governmental or private are paid. We support students with school fees, uniform and shoes, potentially “boarding package” containing blanket, bed sheets, matrass, metal box (for personal belongings) and paddlock.

  • 1. Vision statement
    Quality life, self-worth and hope for bright future for HIV infected children, adolescents and other vulnerable and marginalised groups countrywide.

    2. Mission statement
    - To achieve our vision through high quality and complex health services for children, adolescents and targeted groups.
    - To bring them hope for better future by improvement of their health status and humane treatment.
    - To build their self-confidence, to support the education and to open the way for better future without stigma or without aside position.

    3. Goals and objectives
    The overall goal of HIA is to contribute to the present efforts in the country to improve quality, accessibility and affordability of HIV services through wholistic approach to each and every client. Specialised paediatric HIV care is still not in practice in rural areas. Our children are our future that´s why HIA focuses on this age group. Preventive program is the key how to decrease HIV rate in Uganda.

    The above mentioned goal is operationalized through the following specific objectives:
    - High quality paediatric HIV/AIDS care services in Buikwe District
    - Family approach
    - Delivery of HIV/AIDS services to rural areas
    - Prevention program among children and adolescents
    - Education and psychosocial support of beneficiaries
    - Chronic Care Program
    - Palliative Care


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